Why Every Wedding Venue Should Offer Valet Service


Just like hotels and restaurants wedding venues usually offer valet parking, and if they don’t they should. You’ve got the venue, flowers, food and drinks all set for the wedding season, but one crucial component to a successful wedding is often overlooked, valet parking and transportation services. Every bride wants every little thing to go right on her special day and having guests have parking issues before or after the event is the last thing she wants to worry about. Optional valet service is definitely a factor when a bride is choosing a wedding venue.

There are many benefits to valet service at a wedding venue:

  • Add’s elegance  – The bride and groom put a lot of work into their special day, and more than likely, so have their guests. Many will have bought new outfits and gifts, some have even bought plane tickets and rented cars to get there. Valet service at the wedding add’s that touch of elegance and let’s the guests know their attendance is appreciated.
  • It saves time – Often having a lack of it is a huge issue for wedding planners. Sometimes you need to move guests from the wedding to the reception venue quickly or clear out a venue for another party. Valets are a quick and efficient way to ensure nobody misses a minute of your ceremony or reception, and that one party does not delay another. This is a risk you run when your guests don’t exit in a timely manner.
  • Increases safety – Weddings almost always have elderly guests attending, having highly trained professionals helping them in and out of their vehicles can prevent a potential accident.

A wedding is a special day and a bride and groom want the best of everything. Valet parking service is an efficient, affordable solution to many issues that can arise on this joyful yet hectic day. A valet is the first and last point of contact when guests attend the ceremony. Valet service at a wedding venue ensures that guests leave with a lasting, positive impression.

The Valet Spot designed a portable valet podium specifically with wedding venues in mind. It has an interchangeable front sign that can be customized for each wedding and folds for easy transportation and storage. It also has an easy grip handle and only weighs 70 lbs.


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