The Deluxe Valet Podium Awakens (Dodge Star Wars Commercial)

The car company, Dodge, made a hilarious video of their cars re-enacting the Imperial March from Star Wars to celebrate the new “Force Awakens” movie opening.

The fleet of cars pull up to the movie theater with two valets standing by our Deluxe Valet Podium. Looking in shock, one valet turns to the other and says “We’re gonna need more valets.”

The commercial ends with a voiceover “Join the Dodge side.”

This isn’t the first time our Deluxe Valet Podium was chosen for a tv commercial. Back in 2014, we were featured in a Superbowl commercial for Kia including Laurence Fishburne playing his character, Morpheus, from the Matrix.

Did You Know the Deluxe Podium Now Has LEDs?

Over the summer of 2015, we announced the LED option on the Deluxe Valet Podium. One set of LEDs shine down the front of the podium, illuminating it at night. The other set of LEDs illuminates the working surface making it easier for your valet attendants to see what they’re doing at night.

The LEDs come available in 8 different colors allowing you to cycle through them. Simply plug into a local power source or use a battery pack to light up your new Deluxe podium.



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