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Custom Valet Podium for Performing Arts Center

Some of our friends over at Las Vegas Parking had a unique challenge recently. They were handling the valet parking operations for a performing arts center with over a thousand person capacity and needed to set-up a valet station that could accomodate the amount of traffic and customers that they were expecting.

They got creative and came up with a custom podium that would give them plenty of counter space to operate from and would establish a presence big enough to command attention at such a large venue.

They combined two deluxe podiums and a portable podium into one serious valet station.

They sent us over a photo of the set-up. Looks great guys!

Boxes look great! Trying them out for the first time tonight big event at our performing arts center over a thousand people. Our valet guys love how much bigger the boxes are and especially the counter tops big hit!!


Custom Extra-wide Valet Podium for a Performing Arts Center in Las Vegas Nevada

Custom Extra-wide Valet Podium for a Performing Arts Center in Las Vegas Nevada

If you have a unique situation and need a custom valet podium or kiosk, head on over to our designer series page and let us build you the ideal podium.

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