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Car Wash Kiosk

At a car wash company when you get ready to pull your car into the big soapy machine, where is the attendant standing? Most likely behind a valet podium with an integrated point of sale system to ensure you get the wash you want. You can use a Deluxe Plus Valet Podium for this car wash kiosk, and then use the area traditionally used for key organization as extra storage for marketing materials, office supplies or any number of other tools.

A valet podium could be the perfect addition to your business and you may not even know it. Valet podiums, while serving the obvious use of being a key organizer and facilitating valet services, also have numerous other potential functions such as serving as a greeting podium or workspace for auto companies. Implementing a valet podium with an integrated point of sale (POS) system as a car wash kiosk will increase efficiency of your business significantly.

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