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2021 NPA Convention & Expo | Sept 27-29 | Las Vegas

Artwork Options

Vinyl Decal

Vinyl Decal on Laminate Panel of Custom Deluxe Podium
Vinyl decal on white podium
Vinyl Decal on Compact Podium & Delineator Signs
Vinyl Decal on black and white Deluxe Podiums

This is a great option for simple logo decals or text without extensive details or backgrounds. The background color will be the color of the podium panel.

*Can be done on all podiums.

Vinyl Wrap

Gray vinyl wrap over black podium
Blue Vinyl Wrap with Logo over black Professional Kiosk

This is a great option for larger, more complex designs or designs that require a specific background color other than the color of the podium panel.

*For our Custom Deluxe and Custom Professional, wrapping will only be done on the panel inserts. Framing will remain original color.

Large Magnet

Front only magnet on a deluxe podium. Black background.
Front only magnet with black background
Front only magnet with black background

This is a great option for those who want a specific background color but don’t want to permanently affect the podium itself. Our magnets cover the full face of whatever side they are applied to and are fully removeable if you decide to use the podium for other uses or companies.

*Not recommended for Custom Deluxe or Custom Professional podiums

Our sales team is attending the NPA Convention from September 27th - October 1st. Please expect delayed responses
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