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Valet Parking Equipment In the Field

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Fast Park and Relax Gets and Efficient Face Lift with Our 100 Key Boxes

We recently visited the Fast Park and Relax location in Orlando Florida to see how the Valet Spot’s products were being put to use in the field. Currently, Fast Park and Relax is using the Valet Spot’s 100 Key Box, Modular Key Box Stands, and our Deluxe Valet Podiums with security features and outdoor coating.

Fast Park and Relax handles a very large volume of cars on a daily basis. They needed a solution that was space efficient, Fast Park and Relax in Orlando services the Orlando Airport they are processing stylish, and durable. Their key podium and boxes can accommodate 1180 keys Fast Park and Relax in Orlando services the Orlando Airport they are processing total. Our 100 Key Box and  (on which, 2 key boxes can be mounted) Modular created a solution that holds a high volume of keys in a small footprint.

Since the new system has been implemented, FP&R hasn’t lost 1 set of keys. The new system manages the high volume of keys in a orderly and secure manner.
It’s also easier for the Valets to find keys and provide faster response times to their clients– no more hunting through the clutter to find a set of keys.

Fast Park and Relax Uses the Deluxe Key Podium


Because FP&R uses electronic systems to process their orders, and because they

which allows the user to put chords through the podium for a clean, finished look.

The podium also offers the user the ability to secure the electronics inside of the

podium, since our security bar allows offers industry-leading security.


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