Valet Podium Shipping FAQ

Freight Services

Shipping MethodDescriptionPricing
Economy Shipping – Shipping service that provides commercial dock to dock delivery. If you have a forklift on site, no loading dock is required.Use this service when shipping to a commercial address with a loading dock availablePrices Varies ($130 and up)
Priority Shipping – Shipping service that provides commercial dock to dock delivery. Increases the cost of shipping but provides a shorter leadtime. No accessorial (liftgate, delivery appt, etc) can be added.Use this service if you have a strick leadtime and need your equipment by a specific dateAdditional fee on top of regular shipping (+$75-250)
Residential Shipping – Shipping service that provides delivery to a home, a condo, or any address that is zoned as residential by freight carriers. Requires delivery appt and adds at least 1 business day to lead time as an appointment is needed. Residental shipments require a smaller truck that includes a liftgate.Use this service if you are shipping to your home or condo. Additional fee’s will apply if residental is not indicated before delivery.Additional fee on top of regular shipping (+$75-250)
Liftgate – A liftgate is when there is no loading dock or forklift available at the delivery destination and you need help removing the pallet from the truck to the groundAdd a liftgate service if commerical address does not have a loading dockAdditional fee (+$35-65)
Inside Delivery – Economy shipping includes dock to dock delivery, anytime the driver moves the freight (even one foot) – this establishes inside delivery. Drivers do not have to notify you of inside delivery charges – it’s the customer’s responsibility to not initial on the delivery receiptUse this service if you need your freight moved in doors, up an elevator or upstairs.Additional fee ($137-145)

Delivery Receipt Example Of Additional Services

*The highlighted areas are important areas for customers to pay attention to. Accessorial Services are added at time of delivery and if they are used, the driver will mark that box and ask for your signature authorizing those charges. There is room for customers to note any damages at point of delivery, any damages not noted at delivery are left up to the freight carriers discretion for approval of claims

Example Of Some Freight

Additional Freight Questions

**A note about damages: It is rare that your podium arrives damaged -however, it is your responsibility to note any and all damages at point of delivery on the receipt. If you choose not to unpackage your freight shipment at the point of delivery, and discover damages after delivery, you’ll be responsible for purchasing the appropriate replacement pieces. When you sign (and do not indicate damages on the delivery receipt) you are releasing all liability from the freight carrier to replace your unit.  

What is the lowest cost delivery method?

The most efficient way to ship your order is to a business (commercial address) with a loading dock.

When do I need a lift gate?

A lift gate is used to lower your podium from the truck to the ground.

You need a lift gate unless you have a forklift or loading dock or you ordered only one (1) podium and will have two people available at the time of delivery to unload it. This does not include residential deliveries – residential deliveries require a lift gate at delivery.

Why does residential delivery cost more?

Freight carriers charge an extra fee to deliver to residential zones because they are harder to access. Shipping freight with a residential service also adds a day to the lead time because a delivery appointment is necessary. The Valet Spot is not responsible for how zipcode are zoned, if you run a business out of your home – it is still zoned residential.

Residential delivery with a liftgate does not include inside delivery.

For these reasons, we recommend delivering to a commercial address whenever possible.

Is a condominium considered residential?

Yes, because it is in a residential zone you will need a residential delivery.

When will my order be delivered?

Most orders arrive within 8-12 business days. If you want a delivery estimate or have a strict timeline, give us a call at 877-977-8733. You will receive a tracking number with instructions on how to receive the freight and be able to track your shipment.

Does someone need to be here for my delivery?

Yes, someone is required to sign for every podium delivery to ensure that there are no damages.

How can I save on shipping costs?

You can save on shipping costs by shipping 2+ podiums together. When ordering freight, most parcel shipments that ship from our warehouse will ship on the pallet for free.

Do you provide additional delivery services?

Yes, we provide additional services at a fee that is passed on from the freight carriers. We have inside delivery, residential with liftgate, liftgate, etc. Please contact us for the pricing on your order – it’s charged due to location, weight, and size.

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