FAQ: Interviewing on The Valet Parking Podcast

Congratulations!  If you’re seeing this page, we have asked you to be interviewed on the Valet Parking Podcast. This podcast exists to help valet operators solve their everyday problems in running a valet operation including management, marketing, hiring and revenue control.

What Are The Benefits of Interviewing?

A Bunch!  Not even including getting to sit down and make a connection between us and you… isn’t that enough? 

  • Get Your Name and Business in Front of Thousands of Valet Operators
  • Build Yourself As An Authority in Valet Parking and Make Valuable Connections
  • Use the Valet Parking Podcast Logo on Your Website “As Featured In”
  • Use the Valet Parking Podcast Logo on Your Sales Materials “As Featured In”
  • Get Exposure to the Valet Community as a Thought Leader
  • Back links to Your Website (great for SEO)
  • Be a Voice at the Cutting Edge of the Valet indsutry.
  • Traffic Back to Your Website Through Links
  • Opportunity to Share What You Have Learned to a Grateful Audience

How Long Will the Interview Be?

Most interviews last about half an hour. We’ll chat a little bit beforehand to warm up before flipping on the mic and recording for 20-30 minutes.

How Will it Take Place

Interviews will take place over skype or a phone call. We will let you know in advance.

What Preparation Will I Need to Do?

You can prepare as much or as little as you want. Generally, this will just be a friendly, easy conversation. We will send you the questions beforehand if you want to organize your thoughts or send us questions you would like us to ask and lead you into different points. It’s completely up to you.

What Kind of Topics or Questions Will We Cover?

We’ll want to discuss some of the biggest issues facing valet operators today. We can work through solutions, case studies, examples, or general thoughts that you have on these topics. You are the expert, so we’ll be learning on your expertise.

All of our productions are professionally edited before we release them and you’ll have full rights to ask that anything you don’t want aired be removed.

Here’s a couple quick tips for types of information that is great for the podcast:

  1. Tips and tricks (the more the better!)
  2. Nuts and bolts (a break down of the topic based on your expertise and experience)
  3. Personal anecdotes and interesting stories relating to your topic
  4. Your personal business philosophy, influences (books, people, experiences), and turning points

I want to be on the podcast. What’s next?

Fantastic, we’d love to have you as a guest. Send us an email confirming your interest and we will schedule a 10 minute call prior as a pre-interview to make sure it’s a fit and generate some topics for the podcast. From their we will schedule the actual interview. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

We recommend placing orders early in anticipation of longer lead times. Dismiss