Rolls Royce Phantom 2009 Model

The Rolls Royce is the car of varieties of absurdly wealthy individuals. It represents the hight of luxury, a 400,000K a pop, it’s not the kind of car you want to put a nick in.

1. First step: prepare yourself for the greatest automobile ever.

At least that’s what the journalists say. This beautiful machine was hand made in England to carry the rich and famous around.

2. The keys to her heart.

The Rolls Royce Phantom utilizes a variant system of the iDrive systems found on the BMWs. Therefore the key looks and acts very similar. The “RR” button locks the car, the up arrow unlocks, and the square button opens the trunk (to close the trunk, located on the inside of the boot is a button that will automatically close the compartment). If you have been handed the single valet key you will need to utilize the car’s manual key slots.

Opening the front door on the coupes you will notice the door swings outward from the back hinge. This “suicide door” is also found in the rear of the sedans. Be careful not to open the door too far, these doors are long and open much wider than a traditional vehicle.

When your rear passengers are getting back into the vehicle they may choose to hit the door close button located inside the vehicle, this will automatically close the rear doors. This car also uses automatic latches to completely close the doors. Once the door comes in contact with the latch, it will close automatically eliminating the need to slam the heavy doors on this 5798 lbs. vehicle.

3. Interior luxury.

Positioned in the rear door is an umbrella. It’s located on the latch panel hidden from the outside. If it’s needed, depress the silver button to release the umbrella. Remove and open.

Seat controls are located in the front section of the center console. To access the controls depress the silver button on the armrest. This will expose the controls. Use the joystick to move the seat positions.

4. Lights, Locks, Windows

Window controls are located on the driver’s arm rest.

The door lock and unlock button is located on the dashboard under the hazard button to the right of the steering column. The steering tilt adjustment is positioned on the right side of the steering column. Use this chrome joystick to adjust the position of the steering wheel up, back, in, and out.

5. Unlock the beast. Ignition, Powertrain

On the left side of the dashboard there is a circular shaped panel containing the light switch, Start and Stop button, and also key slot. Insert the key into the slot with the arrow on the key facing forward.

The circular panel also includes the light switch. The right switch controls the main headlights. The down position is automatic, center is ON, and top is parking lights. The left switch controls the fog lamps.

You will hear a chime similar to a BMW and the screen under the fuel gauge will indicate “Remote control recognized” once the key is properly inserted. The ignition is now in ACC mode.

6. No, this is not a luxury yacht.

The gear selector is located on the steering column above the windshield wiper controls on the right side. There are 4 main functions for the gear selector and it can be used with your foot on the brake. Holding up and releasing is reverse, center position is neutral, down is drive, and pushing the lever inward toward the column is park. Be sure to keep your foot on the brake before selecting gears.

Once you hear the chime and the key is in push and hold the Stop/ Start button to feel the rumble of the 6.75 liter V12 with 453 hp powerplant.

7. Turn the parking break on/off.

The electronic parking brake is located to the right of the key slot, with your foot on the brake depress and release the button to turn it on and off.

Looking up at the roof there are 3 important buttons that may need to be used. The PDC, LIFT, and BOOT buttons. PDC is the Parking Distance Control feature. This can be turned on and off allowing the driver to hear audible alarms when the vehicle is close to other vehicles or walls during parking. The LIFT button simply lifts the car up and down. This is a useful feature when clearing high curbs, speed bumps, or obstructions in the road. Depressing the BOOT button will open the trunk.

8. Turn up the jams…

The radio volume control knob is located in the center of the dash board under the radio controls.

9. Something in the trunk sir?

Inside the trunk, next to the latch, you’ll see the button that automatically closes it.

10. Luxury at its finest…

11. The legend. The lady.

The famous “flying lady” Rolls Royce hood ornament can be controlled manually or automatically. Most users will have it set up to retract into the grill automatically when the car is locked. However if this is not the case, the controls are located in the glove box and can be accessed by depressing the circular button under the key slot. This will expose the switch panel. If the ornament is in manual mode, simply press the down arrow button until the flying lady is hidden within the grill. If you happen to be driving the Rolls Royce equipped with the outrageous $200,000 diamond filled “Spirit of Ecstasy” hood ornament you should probably make sure it’s down and hidden!

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