The Valet Spot Difference


There are many options available, make sure you are considering all of the features and getting the best value. One size does not fit all. Our units can be ordered with many options and accessories to meet your location needs.


We stand behind our products and your business. The Valet Spot guarantees all of our products for at least 1 year from manufacturing defects. We can guarantee our products because they are built to stand up in the most rugged conditions. If you need replacement parts or have any issues in the first year you’re covered. Product support and customer service you can rely on to keep your products working longer and better.

Metal Key Boards

Metal is more weather resistant and lasts longer when compared to white MDF and particle boards. We know; we’ve tried both. Even in the harshest environments our loop-back metal hook system is easy to use and keeps keys firmly in place. The staggered system is great for larger key rings and increased spacing helps to avoid overlapping ticket stubs. All boards have brightly printed white numbers that make organization, especially at night quick and convenient. Additional key boards can be added to ever unit at any time making future upgrades easy and affordable.


Steel gauge can be confusing. The smaller the number, the thicker the steel. Most of our podiums use 16 gauge steel which is 1.54mm thick. But that’s not the only important factor when determining unit strength. Overall construction and material reinforcement is just as important. Our podiums utilize a tubular frame design that provides the core support and rigidity. Unlike sheet metal designs our units are built to withstand the toughest conditions.

We finish most of our products with our two part coating process that allows them to last longer in all environments. First, we coat the steel with a rust inhibitive zinc coating. Then we finish each podium with a high quality powder coat ensuring long-lasting durability. Best of all, every unit and every part/ panel can be serviced or replaced. We use Solidworks, a professional design and engineering 3-D CAD program to help us design better products.

Replaceable Components

Serviceable units are important when your equipment is under high use and long life-cycles are a requirement. We use standard drawer sliders, lock openings and casters to make maintenance easy. Most components on our products can be changed in minutes. We can also supply you with the replacement parts you need and the upgrades you want. Time and money saved so you can focus on your customer.

We recommend placing orders early in anticipation of longer lead times. Dismiss