Using Valet Signs Effectively

Whether you’re a valet company providing services to hotels and restaurants or managing an in-house valet service, you need to make sure you’re using signs to effectively communicate with your customers.

Valet signs serve two primary purposes for your valet service: drawing attention and directing customers

Use Valet Signs to Draw AttentionValet Signs

The most important thing for your valet sign to do is draw attention to your service. You need to make it extremely clear to arriving customers that there is a valet service and where they can go to drop off their vehicle.

Using a valet podium with a custom wrap and umbrella to attract the attention of customers arriving making it easier for them to notice the valet service and making a professional first impression. The first contact customers arriving at your venue will have is with the valet, so it’s especially important to make a professional, high-class impression with your podium sign.

It’s also a potential advertising opportunity for your company if you use your logo or company name on the signs. For valet companies, this can be particularly effective if you do a lot of weddings or events since referrals are a big driver of business and making sure that attendees remember your company can help you get more business later on.

Valet signs provide restaurants, hotels, and other venues an opportunity to advertise to visitors as they’re arriving or to potential clients going by the venue. For upscale venues, this is an opportunity to display professionalism and class.

Valet Signs for Educating Customers

This is the most obvious use of valet signs. When drivers get close to the venue, there should be some sort of sign directing them to the drop off point. If the directions to the drop off point aren’t clear or if the valet drop off point isn’t directly in front, it’s a good idea to use a series of signs so customers are reassured that they’re going to the right place.

Yet another option is to put your liability contract or notices on the a valet sign or directly on the valet podium that you’re using. This can help you with legal headaches in the future and make sure clients clearly understand your policies.

Valet Sign Considerations

Regardless of whether you’re advertising or using the signs as a way to educate customers, make sure the signage you’re using suits your needs. The presentation of the valet sign is equally as important as the sign itself. Consider a premium valet sign holder for your operation. If you’re storing the signs overnight or during the day, getting a sign that can be rolled in and out makes sense.

You also want to be sure that you’re presenting a professional appearance. Though home made signs may be equally effective, they’re unprofessional  and cheap appearance gives a bad first impression. Your podium signs should communicate trust and professionalism.

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