Episode #01 – How Chris Built a 45 Location Valet Business with No Contracts and No Website

In the first ever episode of The Valet Parking Podcast, we sit down to talk with Chris Bystryk of Guardian Parking. Chris’s story starts with one location and a lot of guts and ends with him at the helm of a 45 location business that’s yet to have an unsatisfied client. Oh, and he did it without ever locking a customer into a contract or building a website.

Listen to This Interview to Learn:

  • How Chris identifies and pitches new venues.
  • Why getting rid of contracts could explode your valet business.
  • The customer first attitude and process that Chris used to grow his business to 45 operations.
  • The mindset and approach Chris uses when pitching new locations.
  • How to instill your company’s values in your employees by creating win-win-win situations between yourself, your employees, and your customers.
  • Why you should probably spend more time talking with your customers.
  • The two most important things you really need to know to run a successful valet company.

Mentioned in This Interview

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