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2021 NPA Convention & Expo | Sept 27-29 | Las Vegas

Products that ship free when you order any podium

We can load the following items onto the same pallet that your podium ships on, saving you shipping costs.

Key Boxes & Boards

Valet Tickets

Valet Umbrella

Podium Covers

  • Deluxe Podium Cover

    Deluxe Podium Cover

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  • Professional Podium Cover

    Professional Kiosk Cover

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  • Standard Podium Cover

    Standard Podium Cover

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Replacement Parts


  • Radio Boss Mini-Max

    RadioBoss Mini-Max

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  • radio boss mini

    RadioBoss Mini

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Radio Chargers

  • mini single charger

    Mini Single Charger

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  • mini multicharger

    Mini Multicharger

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  • minimax single charger

    MiniMax Single Charger

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  • minimax multi charger

    MiniMax Multi Charger

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Radio Accessories

  • radio boss nylon carrying case

    RadioBoss Nylon Carrying Case

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  • radio boss carrying case

    RadioBoss Leather Carrying Case

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  • earbud headset

    Earbud Headset

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  • comfy headset

    Comfy Headset

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  • spy bud headset

    Spy Bud Headset

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