Episode #05: Mastering Recruitment with Bart Bement

HiringBart Bement is the CEO of FastWorkforce.com. In addition, he founded and built a transportation staffing company from start-up to employing nearly 2000
employees a day. Alasdair invites him on this episode to share some of his knowledge about recruiting and managing staff in the valet industry.

This interview will help you navigate the hiring process, and make sense of the confusing abyss that hiring can create. You’ll also see a step by step method for optimizing your website.


Listen to This Interview to Learn:

  • Powerful ways to reduce your turnover rate
  • How to give prospects the feeling of what it is like to work for your company
  • The importance of engaging applicants quickly
  • How to get the right people on your team and the wrong people off
  • How to create powerful job listings and attract the right kind of prospects

Mentioned in This Interview:


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