Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2006-2009 Models

The Bentley Continental Flying Spur is one of the finest luxury automobiles on the planet. Here is a quick introduction of how to operate it, should you be so lucky.

1. First step: pony up some cash.

If you aren’t lucky enough to valet one of these beauties, you’ll have to shell out $180,000 to get behind the wheel of a Bentley Continental Flying Spur. I don’t even want to know how much the oil changes cost.

2. Get a load of this ride.

Here is what Bentley have to say for themselves:

“The Continental Flying Spur a truly individual four-door offering space and freedom. The freedom of choice, to have pure refinement and style.A sumptuous and spacious four-door Grand Tourer with the heart and soul of the most breathtaking high-performance coupé in the world, the redefined Continental Flying Spur offers enhanced levels of personalisation, comfort and ride quality taken to new heights. A place where you and your fellow travellers can enjoy the freedom of class leading space and pure potency.”

Wow. Sounds impressive. We decided to see for ourselves.

3. Check the measurements.

0-60 in 4.9 seconds…

4.9 SECONDS!!! Wow. That’s M5 territory.

Aided by a listed 552 break horse power. That’s a lot of cowboys. 479 foot pounds of torque keep your buns in the seat– the max band is at 1600 RPM– that’s some Barry White bass. The Continental has a 6 speed automatic gear box, and with paddle shifters on the wheel for the kid in you.

Pull over often. To show off your ride– and to refill it. This 12 cylinder monster munches down 1 gallon of gas for every 10 miles covered in the city. But hey, you can afford it, right?

Oh yeah, it’s got all wheel drive. That means no donuts for you.

4. The keys to her heart.

There are two different key remotes for this vehicle. If you have the fully functional key it will have three buttons; lock, unlock, and trunk. If you have the valet key there will be no button for the trunk and therefore it cannot be accessed. If the vehicle is parked and you are outside of the car with the windows down, they can be rolled up by holding down the lock button on the remote.

If you want, you can use the remote to unlock, push and will open the door. If you wish to use the remote to unlock, push and hold the unlock symbol. To lock the door with the keys in your pocket press the black button on the outside of the handle. This will lock the car. Watch for the flashing red light on the inside of the top door panel to make sure the vehicle is secure. A flashing red light indicates it’s locked. The doors feature an automatic latching feature, gently close the door so it touches the door sill latch, from there the automatic feature will take over and completely close and latch the door.

5. Interior Luxury

Seat controls are on the lower bottom left side of the driver’s seat.

The ignition is located on the left side of the dash board much like the Porsche. It is not necessary to use this in order to start the vehicle. Much like the doors, the Bentley senses the key in the area and will start without inserting it into the ignition. The ignition can be used however to switch batteries in the event the main battery is dead. This vehicle is equipped with a secondary battery. To switch over to the auxiliary battery simply insert the key into the ignition and turn counter clockwise. This will switch power supplies.

6. Lights, Locks, Windows

The headlight switch is to the left of the steering column by the ignition switch. Automatic mode is designated through an “O” symbol while the ON position is located to the far right. To turn on simply turn the knob clockwise all the way. The fog light button is located to the right of the knob.

Once in the vehicle, the lock and unlock buttons are located on the driver’s side door next to the door handle. Also located on the driver’s side door is the window controls.

7. Unlock the beast. Ignition, Powertrain

The Bentley is started by pushing down the Start/ Stop button located in the center console below the gear shifter. With the key in pocket or in the ignition hold and depress the Start/ Stop button with your foot on the brake. This will bring to life the Bentley’s twin-turbo W12 engine with 552 hp.

8. Wanna punch it?

Using the paddle shifters is not necessary, but if you must they are located behind the steering wheel. The gear position stick must be in manual drive mode. Pull back on the right paddle to up shift and pull back on the left paddle to downshift. Gear selection can be viewed on the dashboard on the LCD display.

9. Turn the parking break on/off.

The parking brake is electronic and activated though a button by the gear selection lever. Simply pull back the button until the light under the P is illuminated to engage and to disengage push back down on the button until there is no red light.

10. Give it some gas. Easy tiger!

Gently squeeze the throttle with your foot moving the car forward or back depending on your gear selection.

11. Get some sun.

Sunroof controls are located by the rear view mirror, as well as the interior light controls.

Sunroof controls are located by the rear view mirror, as well as the interior light controls.

12. Fold those mirrors in if you get in a jam.

To fold the mirrors inward there is a knob located in the center console. Turn counter clockwise to fold and again to unfold while parked in tight areas.

13. Need to hide something in the trunk?

To open the trunk press on the Bentley “B” located on the emblem. This will automatically open the trunk while the vehicle is unlocked. To close the trunk use the “BOOT” button located on the trunk by the latch on the bottom surface. Hit this button once and the trunk will automatically close.

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