2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

The Lamborghini Gallardo is a beast– and tricky to drive too! Make sure you are prepared when this paddle shifting 552 horsepower stallion pulls up at your podium.

1. Get those keys.

If you are using the wireless key remote, simply push and hold the unlock button to open the vehicle. When opening the door for the driver or passenger, simply lift the handle. There is a sliding key cover that is next to the handle used for situations when the remote is not functional. Do not remove this cover unless necessary, it is very difficult to re-install.

2. No scissor doors.

The lock and unlock button once in the vehicle is located on the driver’s door next to the handle.

3. Simple interior adjustments.

Seat controls are on the left lower side of the driver’s seat. Some models have manual sliders and the lift can be found underneath the seat.

4. Like a jet fighter– but add a wheel.

The exterior headlight switch is located on the dash underneath the radio screen. It is the second button from the left. Next to it on the left is the driver’s side window. The passenger window button is on the far right. All switches are operated with an up and down motion. In this line of buttons are also the fuel door, traction control, hazards, and fog lamps.

5. Paddling shifting can be tricky…

Once in the car you will notice it’s equipped with paddle shifter and also an automatic mode. First we will explain how to use the paddle shifters.

6. Don’t start the car until you’ve found neutral.

There is a display between the tachometer and speedometer which communicates the gear selection. If the car is not in neutral, pull back and hold both paddle shifters at the same time with your foot on the brake. This will put the car in neutral.

7. Here’s the fun part. Start your engine.

With your foot on the brake turn the car key to the ON position. At this point you will hear the monstrous roar of the 560 hp 90-degree all aluminum V-10 come to life.

With your foot still on the brake pull back the right paddle shifter (+) to engage first gear. This will be indicated on the screen once again as a number 1. At this point make sure the parking brake is in the down position and gently take your foot off the brake. You may hear a high pitched wining noise; this is the normal sound of the electronics switching gears.

8. This car even backs up fast.

If you wish to reverse, there is a button on the left lower side of the dash board. With your foot still on the brake and the car in neutral press and hold this button until the display reads R. The car is now in reverse. To put back into neutral, stop the car and pull back toward yourself with the two paddle shifters until the display reads N.

9. Repeat it like a mantra. This car will kick your butt.

Now ease on the gas pedal while in first; with many of these semi-automatic transmissions you will notice a slight disconnect between the gas pedal and forward motion. DO NOT press sharply or quickly.

You are now moving, and if you are still in first gear there is a chance you can probably stay there. If you wish to shift, simply pull back on the right (+) paddle shifter. To downshift pull back on the left (-) paddle. You do not need to lift off the gas to up shift.

10. Shift gears at your own risk.

True automatic mode is the easiest and safest choice for driving this vehicle for the inexperienced Lamborghini driver. With the car in neutral, push the A button on the center console. The other buttons “Sport” and “Corsa” next to the A button are shifting modes and will not be needed. The car is now in first gear, it can be driven like a true automatic with no paddle shifting necessary.

11. Get a good view.

In the center console in front of the automatic shift panel there is a round knob for the mirrors. This button allows the mirrors to fold in during tight parking. To operate, turn the knob counter clockwise and hold until the mirrors are tucked against the door. To open turn again.

12. Take a look under the hood…

If you find the Lamborghini’s battery dead, under the hood where most engines rest is a storage space. On the back panel nearest the passenger compartment is a pocket that holds the battery. The hood release is located at the foot of the driver’s seat on the left lower side.

13. Try not to drool…

With some open asphalt and 10.3 seconds of spare time, you can have this Gallardo doing 124 mph. That’s some real muscle. It wasn’t exactly made to do 5 mph, and it shows. This is one of the more difficult exotic cars to control at low speeds. Best of luck.

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