Episode #06: Why Free Parking Does Not Work and What to Do About It with Donald Shoup

In trying to park free ourselves,we’ve ended up paying for everyone else’s parking

Donald Shoup is a Distinguished Professor of Urban Planning and the author of “The High Cost of Free Parking.” He is a certified guru and is often referred to as “The Godfather of Parking”. Alasdair invites him on to the show this week to share his wealth of information in the field of parking and urban planning to explain exactly why free parking simply does not work.

This episode will go in to great detail about the logistics, as well as the community impact of parking systems. You will also find out how mismanaged parking and parking demand can impact the way that an entire city works.

Listen to This Interview to Learn:

  • How Donald ended up studying in the field of urban parking
  • Parking is the single biggest land use in almost every city
  • The climate of the parking infrastructure in Los Angeles
  • The connections between mismanaged parking and other city problems
  • Three recommendations Donald makes to improve the future of parking policy

Mentioned in This Interview:

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