Episode #08: Technology and Parking Consultation Services with Cristina Lynn

We are pleased to have Cristina Lynn of Parking Consultants on the show. Parking Consultants is a consultation service company for a wide variety of businesses such as universities, hospitals and local government parking authorities based in Australia.

On this episode of The Valet Parking Podcast, Cristina shares her expertise in the field of business consulting  on topics of investments and the customer service experience.

Tune in to hear Cristina’s invaluable advice for parking lot investments and what auditors are typically looking for. You’ll also learn how human customer service will always trump the advancement of technology in the industry.


Listen to This Interview to Learn:

  • How Cristina got involved in the industry
  • Insider information on how Parking Consultants advise their clients
  • The criteria for managing a parking lot
  • Examples of above and beyond customer service
  • Technology trends
  • Mystery shoppers and how you can utilize this method to improve your parking lot

Mentioned in This Interview:


“A bad experience never returns for business.”

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