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Have you ever noticed that the presence of a valet podium just has a way of making you thinking much higher of whatever establishment you’re visiting? Think about it – the finest hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals, airports and special events all have one thing in common: when you first pull up, that valet podium is meant to be impressive. Since it is usually the first thing people will see, the right valet podium is the best way to make a great first impression.

Another increasingly popular trend in valet podiums, is the inclusion of keyboards, also known as a keybox, which can hold all of your customer’s keys in a smart. simple and well marked fashion. With the average car being valet parked being quite expensive, those two minutes spent searching for the keys can really get the owner’s heart pumping. Thankfully, as a result of the keybox, there should never be a need to struggle to identify a key’s location again.

Finally, and one of our favorite advancements in podium technology are the apps that are available not to enhance the experience. There is an app for iOS which we can highly recommend, which allows you to do many things, including providing remote access to your podium online, complete with automatic notifications. It’s seriously cool!

A manufacturer’s warranty you can trust

At this point, the only question you’re probably asking yourself, besides “When will my beautiful new podium arrive?” is about what type of guarantee we offer. Just like we stated above, our number one concern is serving your needs, and the best way we can do that is with a guarantee that is worth more than the paper it is written on.

That is why we offer a full manufacturer’s warranty on all of our products and their accessories. We stand behind the products we make, because we are a part of the production process from beginning to end. That being said, if anything at all goes wrong with your podium as a result of a defect in workmanship, we will replace the broken part, or the entire podium if need be within three years of purchase.

This manufacturer’s warranty also extends to all included accessories, like key boxes, boards, signs and lights.

We truly do want your experience shopping with us to be a positive one, and we don’t want that feeling to stop after the sale has been made. If there is ever a problem with your valet podium, we are always here to help.

Remember, a valet podium is your best chance for a good first impression, and is an investment that will remain an asset in your business for many years to come. When combined with a manufacturer’s warranty, there’s no way you could ever go wrong.

The Valet Spot – Valet podiums you can stand behind!

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