Episode #02 – Behind the Scenes at a 400 location Valet Operation

Ben Epstein Lanier Parking
In this episode of the Valet Parking Podcast, Alasdair is joined by Ben Epstein of Lanier Parking in Atlanta to discuss how Ben has managed and grown Lanier’s valet division since launching in 2009.

Listen to This Interview to Learn:

  • Why it’s essential to make sure you keep your back office accounting and front-office managers connected and how to do it effectively.
  • The most lucrative markets for valet operations.
  • How word-of-mouth and a good reputation has allowed Lanier Parking to go nation-wide.
  • What successful valet operations and Starbucks have in common.
  • The process and style Ben uses to maintain great relationships with clients and location managers.
  • The future of the Valet Industry.
  • An inside look at Lanier Parking’s hiring process (and the 1 test that’s saved them from countless poor hiring decisions).

Mentioned in This Interview

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